Office Live Update (a complete mess!)

The recent updates to Office Live have really outdone themselves.  The list of Damages:

  • Business Application Alerts.  Apparently the Business Application alerts are not sending an email when new data is entered into an application.
  • Appears to be working OK now.  NEW: (what you thought that was it!):  The Custom Footer Module stopped working.  Just displays:

Microsoft Office Live Small Business has encountered an error retrieving the data that you requested.
Please try again later.

  • This has now been fixed, though there are some reports of problem still.  Paypal modules where not working, the Paypal buttons simply redirected back to your site.
  • This appears to be working.  Code in the header is no longer working, so the solutions for Webmaster tools, redirects, and favicons are no longer working.
    No word on this one yet, and I would not get your hopes up on this functionality returning either.
  • This should be fixed.  Reports are down again on some sites (totally not surprising).
    No word on this either.
  • These seem to have disappeared for the most part.  And of course a smattering of smaller problems.  Pages not saving, html modules not working, trouble with codes, cannot create new pages on two of my sites (seems to be functioning now though).

Of course this begs the question, do the Office Live developers know what they are doing?

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4 Responses to Office Live Update (a complete mess!)

  1. Unknown says:

    yes. they must have outsourced the projects:-).my site is not loading under IE, but works for firefox since last a few days.Paypal has stop working, and I have to switch to HTML sucks… when can it be fixed???????????

  2. Unknown says:

    There\’s an even bigger question here as well… Does Microsoft know what they are doing. With a big push for the Online presence of their software, they send out releases like this? How can they hope to compete with Google when their development efforts result in this sort of thing? And, how can they hope to garner sentiment when they begin charging for domains that folks assumed were free — then issue an e-mail pointing to a billing feature that doesn\’t even exist! And it gets worse, now they\’ve added a software message to try and correct the misinformation in the e-mail; except the software message is ALSO incorrect (same as the e-mail)! And, hold onto your hats, the implementation of that software to display the incorrect message is incorrectly saying the website will expire and then locking them out of their websites! If it weren\’t for all the frustrated folks out there, this would be laughable.

  3. Tammy says:

    I didn\’t think officelive would become so difficult….The moment we think things are going okay….Something like this happens. Google webmaster guide doesn\’t work! No verifying my webites. Please contact me if their is any solution for these recent problems. Thank-you everyone for your help!

  4. Karen says:

    If any of these features are fixed or return, would you please contact me. Thanks. Karen

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