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Hello world!

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How to get codes with a tag working in Office Live?

Since my last entry, I have had a number of users say they still are not able to get code to work in Office Live.  There have been two main reasons, 1.  The Custom Footer Module is broken.  The simple … Continue reading

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How to Get Code to Work in Office Live

Essentially, with Office Live, you have two options for inserting code in Office Live.  Method one (1) is to insert the code in the HTML module, this is the easiest, since you do not have to do anything special with … Continue reading

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Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Many of are probably noticing that your sites are either down or are not displaying correctly.  Office Live is aware of the issue (after all they probably caused it?) and working to fix it. Current Known Problems, you may or … Continue reading

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Office Live Update (a complete mess!)

The recent updates to Office Live have really outdone themselves.  The list of Damages: Business Application Alerts.  Apparently the Business Application alerts are not sending an email when new data is entered into an application. Appears to be working OK … Continue reading

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New Business Application – Image Gallery

We have just released a new application for Office Live Business Applications that will allow you create a simple image gallery that will allow you enlarge images using Lightbox!  You can see it in action here: and you can … Continue reading

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Office Live Reports!

As many of you may have noticed, the Office Live reports have not been working properly for the last couple months (actually since the very start of Office Live!), data has been inaccurate and slow to update.  The best thing … Continue reading

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